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Individual Skills and The Shoot-A-Way

Individual Skills and The Shoot-A-Way

Individual skills with Coach R:) are available throughout the year.

Coach R’s philosophy on skills mirrors that of the stonecutters motto / dream:  “When nothing seems to be happening, go look at the stonecutter who hammers away at his rock. He will hit that rock one hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and he knows that it wasn’t that blow that did it, but all of the other hits that came before it.” That’s very similar to basketball when you’re looking for results on the court… if you keep at it consistently, eventually you’ll see the results.

Costs are $20.00 / session / hour.  There are also discounted skills packages available if you email Coach Robinson at the address below. The skills don’t expire meaning if it takes you one month, one year or more than a year to get them all in that’s fine.  You can receive a discount if you pre-register for six sessions at one time. That cost is $100.00.

For availability contact Coach R at .

The site for skills will be the Teach The Game Facility #1 located at 900 East Mountain Street in Kernersville.

The cost for using The Shoot-A-Way is $10.00 for a half hour or $15.00 for a full hour.

Individual Skills and The Shoot-A-Way