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2017-18 292 Registration Is Open!!!


The 2017-18 292 program registration is now closed. Travel team registration remains open. The history of the 292 program can be found on the “292-Travel Team” page on this site.

The 292 program is for rising 2017-18 7th-12th graders. You do not have to be in the 292 program to be part of the Stealers’ travel teams for 2017-18.

The regular cost for the 2018 Travel Team is $450.00.  Registration can be paid as follows:

  • In Full: $450.00
  • Half Payment (pay 1/2 to register and 1/2 after six months): $225.00
  • Four quarterly payments (pay 1/4 to register and once every three months): $112.50
  • Twelve monthly payments: $37.50

Registration is below.

2018 Travel Team Registration Form

  • Registration fee to be a part of the 2018 Travel Team Program. Understand that we are taking a maximum of 77 players for 7 teams. If more than 77 register, we will have cuts. If your daughter does not make a team, you will be refunded for the full amount you have paid.

Participants in the Stealers For Life program need to email Coach Robinson to sign up for the 2017-18 292 program.

292 meetings for the fall season have concluded.  The meetings ran from August – October.

There will be a parent interest meeting to cover tournament schedules, coaches for the 2018 season, practice days and times, etc… on Saturday, January 20th at 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM at the Gateway YWCA (located at 1300 S. Main Street / Winston-Salem, NC 27127).

The 9:00 meeting will be for 7th and 8th graders and the 10:00 meeting will be for 9th-12th graders.

2018 travel team tryout dates for those interested in the 7th grade introductory travel team (no national travel, plays locally, team stays together from late February – September):

  • Tryout Dates: TBA

2018 travel team tryout dates will be as follows for the 8th-12th grades:

  • Monday, March 12 from 6:30-8:30
  • Tuesday, March 13 from 7:30-8:45
  • Wednesday, March 14 from 6:30-8:30

All tryouts will be held at the Gateway YWCA.  Teams will be posted on Thursday, March 15th at TBA.

2018 Travel Team Coaches (list will update until February 2018):

  • Trish Grant, 11th/12th Grade, practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-8:45
  • Rebecca Role, 9th/10th Grade: practices: TBA.
  • T.J. Eggers, Team Grade: TBA, practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from TBA
  • Brittany Cox, Team Grade: 8th Grade, practices: TBA.  (Assistant Coach Jennifer O’Brien) – Original coach was to be Coach Rizoti, but a decision was made to keep Coach Rizoti at the high school level.
  • Merritt Rizoti, Team Grade: 11th/12th Grade, practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15-7:30

2018 Travel Team Tournament Schedules (10-11 Tournaments Total; 9 dates posted so far) – Scheduled is subject to change:

  • April 13-14: Spring Showcase in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • April 19-22: Deep South Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • July 6-7: Peach State Summer Kickoff in Atlanta, Georgia
  • July 10-13: Battle in the ‘Boro in Louisville, Kentucky
  • July 22-25: USJN in Washington, DC (U16, U17)
  • July 23-25: ASGR The Big Event in Suwanee, GA (U13-U15)
  • July 27-28: Stealers DI Showcase in Winston-Salem
  • September 22-24: Peach State End of the Road in Atlanta, Georgia
  • September 23: Stealers Fall Showcase in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

2017 Notes for Reference:

  • We had four (4) national travel teams: Role, Grant, Davis, and Rizoti. “National” meaning playing in the Deep South Classic in the spring and across the southeast in July (Grant/Rizoti teams also went to Pennsylvania).
  • We also had three (3) transitional travel teams: Mulqueeny, O’Brien and Cox that played a mix of local invitationals (the majority of games at the Gateway YWCA) and a few college-exposure events (all at the Gateway YWCA). The “Mulqueeny” team participated in the Deep South Classic and in one national tournament in July (in Georgia).
  • We had eighty-one (81) players participate on our seven (7) teams.  Some teams had as many as thirteen (13) players on a team.

2018 Roster Goal:

  • Eleven (11) players per team with a maximum of twelve (12) players and a minimum of eight (8) players.

Tryout Roster Note:

  • There will be a cut-off limit on the number of players allowed to tryout. That limit will be posted somewhere between January – February.
  • After the October 31st 292 deadline, there will be open registration for those wanting to be on a travel team only.
  • We will not take walk-up at the door registrations on the night(s) of tryouts.
  • The cost to participate in tryouts to be just on a travel team only (no 292) will be posted after October 31st.

292 2017-18 Registrations (in alphabetical order) – Maximum number of participants (apx.) is 77 players (11 players = 7 teams)

23 spots remain open.

  1. Murphy Andrews
  2. Meghan Anthony
  3. Natalie Axtell
  4. Lauren Bevis
  5. Catherine Byun
  6. Parker Childress
  7. Katie Cothran
  8. Alisa Davenport
  9. Mary Davis
  10. Caroline Deal
  11. Katie Deal
  12. Emily Elder
  13. Kyndall Ellison
  14. Jaclyn Faucette
  15. Amanda Finch
  16. Jackie Futrell
  17. Brittney Gammons
  18. Taylor Gantt
  19. Alana Gary
  20. Hope Grimes
  21. Tyler Hackney
  22. Grace Harriman
  23. Emily Hege
  24. Haley Hill
  25. Gillian Hinkle
  26. Caroline Houpe
  27. Abigail Hoyle
  28. Annie Kelly
  29. Abby Kennedy
  30. Emma Kiger
  31. Elizabeth Knox
  32. Olivia Kuhner
  33. Cadence Lawson
  34. Aniah McManus
  35. Francesca Moya
  36. Isa Pardino
  37. Sofia Pardino
  38. Hannah Parker
  39. McKinley Rice
  40. Hailey Rivers
  41. Kristen Roberts
  42. Sydney Roberts
  43. Brooke Schaffer
  44. Callie Scheier
  45. Maddie Scheier
  46. Elissa Segers
  47. La’Niya Simes
  48. Brianna Shillito
  49. Elaine Smith
  50. Madison Spruill
  51. Elle Sutphin
  52. Madi Tyree
  53. Emma Walker
  54. Amira Williams