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Maddawg Discounted Camp Package.

The Maddawg Discounted OUTSIDE GUESTS Camps Package allows you to pay a one-time fee for camps that we host beginning in October 2021.

We have always brought outside guests to our program to run skills camps for our players:  Olympic Gold Medalists Sue Bird, WNBA Player Stefanie Dolson, Global Skills Trainer Ganon Baker, Shooting Camps with Rebecca Greenwell, Skills with Kyra Lambert and several college coach skills clinics.

This opportunity WOULD NOT be available for Brandon Clay camps.

We look to have a good lineup of camp instructors coming towards the end of 2021 and into 2022.  Since Stealers For Life does not cover these outside camps, our program was looking for a way to help cut your costs down by not having to pay camp-to-camp.

There are two options: pay for three camps of your choice or pay for a yearly package of unlimited camps.

If you are in Stealers For Life (SFL), there is a discounted fee of $60.00 for three camps of your choice or $100.00 for an unlimited amount of camps.  If you are not in Stealers For Life, the cost is $75.00 for three camps of your choice or $140.00 for an unlimited amount of camps to attend in a year.

There is a discount for the first twenty-five to register in honor of our program’s 25th Anniversary of $50.00 for the SFL three camp option and $90.00 for the full year.  For Non-SFL the limited time discounted cost is $65.00 for three camps and $125.00 for an unlimited amount of camps for a year.

Registrations (17 discounted packages left):

  1. Gabriella Cirone
  2. Juliet Duarte
  3. Shylan Gray
  4. Adelaide Jernigan
  5. Lucy Kirkland
  6. Brylea McKinney
  7. Anne Overman
  8. Gracie Shore
  9. Olivia Williams

The Maddawg Discounted Camps Package