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The Winston-Salem Stealers will be celebrating their Silver Year Anniversary … 25 YEARS OLD … in 2021!!!


A tribute video is in being created honoring the players, coaches, and moments that have made us the program we are.

Alums, coaches or current players: if you have any old pictures or videos you would like to submit, please do so by emailing Hollie at

The deadline to submit videos or pictures is September 30th.


The interior left side of Teach The Game Facility #1 will be painted old gold. The wall closest to what is considered the exit door will be known as the “Wall of Hands”.  The “Wall of Hands” will be a fundraiser for the Stealers.  For $5.00 you can leave a lifetime memory which is your handprint.  Alums, coaches, current players, and volunteers of our program are eligible to be a part of the “Wall of Hands”.

The fundraiser will be used for upgrades to the facility.

Right now, we have reserved space for one hundred hands. A list of who has registered for the “Wall of Hands” can be found below.  Coach R will let you know when you can come by and leave your handprint.

70 hand spots left (alphabetical order)

  1. Murphy Andrews
  2. Annalee Bell
  3. Autumn Blankenship
  4. Monica (Ladd) Burke
  5. Nevaeh Fears
  6. Jackie Futrell
  7. Kelly Goliber
  8. Trinity Hairston
  9. Grace Harriman
  10. Abby Hoyle
  11. Lauren (Penley) Killilea
  12. Mary Grace Lipscomb
  13. Adelaide Jernigan
  14. Bailey Kargo
  15. Campbell Kargo
  16. Makayla McDonald
  17. Jennifer Penley
  18. Lily Pereira
  19. Avery Ray
  20. Hailey Ray
  21. Maisy Roach
  22. Mary-Ann (Ladd) Ross
  23. Elissa Segers
  24. Brianna Shillito
  25. Elaine Smith
  26. Emily Smith
  27. Amy Steller
  28. Ebone’ Stevens
  29. Marissa Vernon
  30. Farrahn Wood

Wall of Hands

  • For example: 2004-2009
  • Price: $5.00 Quantity: