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336-671-1609 • PO Box 5213 • Winston-Salem, NC 27113-5213,

The Winston-Salem Stealers will be celebrating their Silver Year Anniversary … 25 YEARS OLD … in 2021!!!


The Stealers have a new home!  The old Dudley Cosmetology Campus Event Center in Kernersville is now home our program.  Teach The Game, a developmental program designed to focus on skills and fundamentals and be a feeder / supplement to the Stealers, is part of the facility.


A tribute video is in being created honoring the players, coaches, and moments that have made us the program we are.

Alums, coaches or current players: if you have any old pictures or videos you would like to submit, please do so by emailing Hollie at

The deadline to submit videos or pictures is September 30th.



Are you a Winston-Salem Stealers’ Alum (1996-2019)? We are going to hold an alumni game on Saturday, December 19th from 11:00-1:00 at the Maddawg Center located at 900 East Mountain Street / Building E / Kernersville, NC 27284.

Email Coach R if you want to participate!!!


  1. Kaila Craven
  2. Katelynn Doub
  3. McKenzie Rochford


One of the staples of our organization is never turning away a child or her family because of financial concerns.  COVID-19 has put a few of our families in tough spots which in turn has increased the requests for scholarships.  There is no set goal for our program as donations and requests for scholarships are both rolling processes.  If you would like to donate any amount please use the link below.  You or your business will receive a thank you donation letter from our program which you can use for tax purposes.  Make any checks out to: WS Stealers Girls Basketball / PO Box 5213 / Winston-Salem, NC 27113-5213.  You can also contact Coach Robinson directly at to donate.  See below to learn about our 25 for 25 program.

WSS 25 For 25

25 For 25 Contributors:

  1. Emily Brewer
  2. Tate Chappell
  3. Caroline Davis
  4. Brittney Gammons
  5. Trinity Hairston
  6. Grace Harriman
  7. Peyton Mastin
  8. Annabelle Pirkl


There will be a wall dedicated to businesses that would like to advertise in our facility.  The cost is $200.00 for a 3 x 6 sign. Please email a camera ready photograph to Coach Robinson at  Use the link to submit your information.

Wall of Friends

  • Price: $200.00 Quantity:
    Please submit a camera ready photograph of your business. You will receive a thank you letter with our Tax ID for tax purposes. Signs are 2' x 4'.


The interior left side of Teach The Game Facility #1 will be painted old gold. The wall closest to what is considered the exit door will be known as the “Wall of Hands”.  The “Wall of Hands” will be a fundraiser for the Stealers.  For $5.00 you can leave a lifetime memory which is your handprint.  Alums, coaches, current players, and volunteers of our program are eligible to be a part of the “Wall of Hands”.

The fundraiser will be used for upgrades to the facility.

Right now, we have reserved space for one hundred hands. A list of who has registered for the “Wall of Hands” can be found below.  Email Coach R and let him know a good time to leave your handprint.

22 hand spots left (alphabetical order); BOLD = Have placed their handprint. 

  1. Kayla Adams
  2. Murphy Andrews
  3. Annalee Bell
  4. Autumn Blankenship
  5. Julia Brown
  6. Monica (Ladd) Burke
  7. Tia Cappuccio
  8. Charley Chappell
  9. Tate Chappell
  10. Trista Charles
  11. Millesa (Calicott) Covington
  12. Kaila Craven
  13. Lana (Beeson) Davis
  14. Ashley Deal
  15. Caroline Deal
  16. Katie Deal
  17. Olivia DeFrancesco
  18. Cecilia Drabik
  19. T.J. Eggers
  20. Kyndall Ellison
  21. Nevaeh Fears
  22. Katie Foister
  23. Breanna Foster
  24. Eliza Fowler
  25. Jackie Futrell
  26. Alana Gary
  27. Grace Galyon
  28. Kelly Goliber
  29. Trish Grant
  30. Tyler Hackney
  31. Trinity Hairston
  32. Marlena Hall
  33. Grace Harriman
  34. Nina Holton
  35. Gina (Simmons) Hopkins
  36. Abby Hoyle
  37. Tori Huggins
  38. Armani Hyde
  39. Lauren (Penley) Killilea
  40. Mary Grace Lipscomb
  41. Finley Jarvis
  42. Shannon (McCourt) Jarvis
  43. Adelaide Jernigan
  44. Ella Jones
  45. Bailey Kargo
  46. Campbell Kargo
  47. Katheryn Lyons
  48. Meredith Martin
  49. Lennon Marston
  50. Nolan Marston
  51. Makayla McDonald
  52. Francesca Moya
  53. Megan Myers
  54. Laurie Mulqueeny
  55. Jennifer Penley
  56. Lily Pereira
  57. Deana Pingley
  58. Annabelle Pirkl
  59. Sanaa Puryear
  60. Avery Ray
  61. Hailey Ray
  62. Maisy Roach
  63. Brian Robinson
  64. Charli Robinson
  65. McKenzie Rochford
  66. Isabella Ross
  67. Mary-Ann (Ladd) Ross
  68. Elissa Segers
  69. Brianna Shillito
  70. Elaine Smith
  71. Emily Smith
  72. Alison Sobataka
  73. Amy Steller
  74. Ebone’ Stevens
  75. Madi Tyree
  76. Marissa Vernon
  77. Sadie Quinn Wall
  78. Farrahn Wood

Wall of Hands

  • For example: 2004-2009
  • Price: $5.00 Quantity: