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292 meeting dates for the 2020 travel team season will begin the week of August 19th and run until the week of October 21st.

Please email Tammy Buckland at to reserve a meeting time.  Understand that your meeting date, time and place is subject to change.  Tammy will ask for your cell phone number and email address when you register in case there is a scheduling change.

August Dates (Initials of registrant are listed beside each time that is reserved):

  • Monday, August 19: 5:00 (BG), 5:45 (EH), 6:30 (AB)
  • Wednesday, August 21: 5:00 (GH), 5:45 (TG), 6:30 (AG)
  • Monday, August 26: 5:00 (EW), 5:45 (EJ), 6:30 (FM)
  • Wednesday, August 28: 5:00 (IA), 5:45 (KE), 6:30 (PC)

September Dates: TBA

October Dates: TBA

Meetings are free, run for forty-five minutes and are open to rising 7th-12th graders (girls). Meetings are open to current and outside interested participants.

It is best to have the player and the parent(s) in the meeting, but the players are not required to attend.

Use the registration form below. The form below will be used to register your daughter, should she play with us in 2020, with the NCAA / BBCS system.  There will be no hard copy form this fall.

If you would like to go ahead and register and pay for the 2020 season, go under “WS Stealers Programs” on this website. Registration names will be posted when the registration fee is paid.

2020 292 Registration Form

  • 2021: 11th Grade 2022: 10th Grade 2023: 9th Grade 2024: 8th Grade 2025: 7th Grade
  • If there are no choices, you don't have to list anything or all five.