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There are a number of program options for 2020.  Here is a breakdown of each program to give you an idea of what may be best for your daughter:

Winston-Salem Stealers 4th-6th Grade Spring Season:

  • The team runs from February – June. Tryouts are held in February. The team practices twice a week and participates in 7-8 tournaments (in the triad area). Information and registration can be found on this website under “WS Stealers Girls Programs” – “4th-6th Grade Spring Season”.

Winston-Salem Stealers 4th-6th Grade Fall Season:

  • The team runs from August – October. The team practices twice a week and participates in 5-6 tournaments (in the triad area).

Winston-Salem Stealers 7th Grade Local Team:

  • This team is designed to help participants transition from the 4th-6th grade level into a potential travel team in the 8th grade. The team is made up of only 7th graders.

Winston-Salem Stealers Travel Team National Level:

  • This program is for participants hoping to play basketball in college.  These teams play in larger events in the spring and summer with a national travel schedule in July.  The team will play in a college exposure event in the fall.  The team plays (apx.) ten tournaments during the year. The season runs from March – September.

Winston-Salem Stealers Travel Team Local Level:

  • This program allows participants in the 7th-11th grades to continue to play in the program as they get older, but not have to participate in college exposure events. The team does not have a national travel schedule. All of their games are played locally. This team plays 10-12 tournaments during the year. The season runs from March – September.

FAQ: What’s the difference between this team and WS Stealers Travel Team Local Level?  The WSSTTLL team will not field a 7th grade only team. 7th graders that play this level will play up on an 8th grade or higher team.

Stealers For Life:

  • The Stealers For Life program allows participants to bundle all of their activities into a one-time payment. The SFL program has a limited number of participants.  Members of this program can bundle their travel team registration fee, individual skills, group skills, camps and 292 programs into one package.

Teach The Game Academy (8th grade and below):

  • Designed to allow participants bundle individual and group skills, the seasonal academy team and camps into one discounted package (as opposed to paying separately for each program).

FAQ: If my daughter is in Stealers For Life, can she be enrolled in the Teach The Game Academy at no cost? No.  These are two separate programs.  She would need to register for both.

Teach The Game Seasonal Team:

  • The team is coached by Coach Robinson. The team plays an abbreviated schedule (3 tournaments per season). There are three separate seasons: spring, summer and fall.

FAQ: What’s the difference between the Teach The Game Seasonal Team and a spring or fall team?   The TTG academy team plays a smaller amount of tournaments. Practice is only day a week for the TTG academy team.

292 Program:

  • Started in 2003. This program offers consulting advice and guidance on college basketball opportunities for parents and players beginning in the 7th grade and running until they graduate from college.

Individual Skills:

  • One on one sessions for an hour.  Registration is on the website under Teach The Game Program on the left hand menu.

Group Skills:

  • Typically held in the mornings and / or evenings during the summer. Group skills have between 8-10 participants. Group skills run 60-90 minutes per session.

Basketball Camps:

  • Basketball camps are held in December and in June.  The December camp is typically 1-2 days in the evening and the June camp is typically four days in the morning.
  • Position camps – We will hold a post player camp, a shooting form camp and a guard camp during the summer months.

Developing Dribblers:

  • Held for K-3rd graders. Sometimes, this program is held in a one day camp format for an hour. Other times, the program is held over the course of 4-5 weeks, once a week for an hour.

Sponsoring a Player for the 2020 Season:

  • As of November 2019, we would need $1200.00 to help sponsor six (6) players for the 2020 season. Your donation will remain anonymous (unless you state otherwise) and you will receive a letter from our organization for tax purposes.  Mail any checks to: Winston-Salem Stealers / PO Box 5213 / Winston-Salem, NC 27113-5213 or use the code:
  • We have raised $950.00 as of today.