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2020 Travel Team Registration

The 2020 Travel Team registration is underway.  The season runs from March, with tryouts (dates posted soon) until September.

The cost for the season is $450.00 to play on a national level team which covers practice space, tournament registration (8-10 tournaments / team) and coaching expenses (all of our of coaches are volunteers). The national level team plays in Division I college coaching showcase events in the spring, summer (including out of state) and the fall. 

Practice day availability:

  • Bishop McGuinness: Tuesdays 5:00 until 7:00; Thursdays 5:00-9:00.

7th Grade 2019 spring or fall team members (non-travel team) will play on the local level. Their cost is $175.00 and information on the season will be posted below soon.

The evaluation dates to play in front of Division I College Coaches for 2020 are as follows.  This is the national team level schedule:

  • March 20-22 or 27-29 (Greensboro)
  • April 18 (Winston-Salem)
  • April 24-26 (Deep South Classic in Raleigh, NC is April 23-26)
  • May 11-12 (DII / DIII College Coaches Showcase in Winston-Salem)
  • May 15-17 (Greensboro)
  • July 6-12 (Louisville, KY is July 10-12 & one other tournament)
  • July 21-25 (Washington, DC)
  • September 19 (Winston-Salem)

The local level schedule will be posted closer to the spring of 2020.

The cost for the season is $250.00 to play on a local level team which covers practice space, tournament registration (8-10 tournaments / team) and coaching expenses (all of our coaches are volunteers).  The local level team will play in the Triad area and the only college showcase events that they MAY play in would be in North Carolina.  There is an early bird discount of $175.00 to play on the team in 2020. There are two, out of an original ten, discounted spots available for those who register early for the 2020 season.  Once those spots are gone, the cost goes to $250.00.

The plan is to offer sixty-six spots total (national and local teams together).  

Our program does not cover participant or parent’s travel expenses.

The practice schedule and tournament schedule will be posted in January of 2020 following our parent interest meeting scheduled for Saturday, January 18th at 10:00 a.m. at: place TBA.

Travel team registration is open to rising 7th-11th graders.  The question always comes up “Do 7th graders have any other option rather than the travel team”?  We will have a local team for 7th (and 8th and maybe even 9th grades) that will play in and around the triad area. That team will play from March-September as well.  More information will be posted at a later date on the local team.

August – October meeting dates are posted on the front page of this website.

Number of teams formula for 2020:  every eleven (11) players = one (1) team.  Meaning, we will need a USA Basketball Gold Licensed Coach per team.

Coaches (Level posted at a later date):

  • T.J. Eggers
  • Trish Grant / Amanda Stanley (assistant)
  • Merritt Rizoti
  • Rebecca Role / Calvin Davis (assistant)

Participants are listed below as NT = National Team or LT = Local Team. Players that are listed for the National Team are expected to attend their team’s national travel tournaments especially in July. It is a huge commitment so if you know ahead of time that you / your daughter cannot or will not play in July, please do not sign up for a national team level team. 

If there is no level posted by a name, it means the participant has not decided on the level of play as of yet. Participants must have paid or are in Stealers For Life to be listed below. Stealers For Life participants have to email Coach Robinson to let him know they are intending to play in 2020 in order to be listed below.

Fice (5) spots left before waiting list begins.

  1. Isabella Albany  – NT
  2. Murphy Andrews – NT
  3. Natalie Axtell – NT
  4. Alexis Ball – NT
  5. Annalee Bell – NT
  6. Emily Brewer
  7. Sasha Burey
  8. Trista Charles – NT
  9. Parker Childress – NT
  10. Ashley Deal 
  11. Katie Deal – NT
  12. Makenna Dwiggins
  13. Kyndall Ellison
  14. Faith Epperson
  15. Nevaeh Fears
  16. Amanda Finch
  17. Emory Forrest – LT
  18. Jackie Futrell
  19. Grace Galyon
  20. Britney Gammons – NT
  21. Alana Gary – NT
  22. Savannah Gilliam
  23. Addison Goins 
  24. Trinity Hairston – NT
  25. Marlena Hall
  26. Grace Harriman – NT
  27. Emily Hege – NT
  28. Makeva Hines – LT
  29. Gillian Hinkle – NT
  30. Abby Hoyle
  31. Adelaide Jernigan – NT
  32. Elliott Jessup – NT
  33. Cadence Lawson – NT
  34. Caroline Lennon
  35. Kennedy Long
  36. Makayla McDonald – LT
  37. Lettie Michael – NT
  38. Francesca Moya – NT
  39. Yasmine Paige
  40. Sofia Pardino
  41. Hannah Parker
  42. Emma Pendleton – NT
  43. Avery Ray – NT
  44. McKinley Rice – NT
  45. Gabi Role 
  46. Isabella Ross 
  47. Alex Shen – LT
  48. Lauren Shen – LT
  49. Taylor Shen – LT
  50. Brianna Shillito
  51. La’Niya Simes – NT
  52. Elaine Smith – NT
  53. Emily Smith – NT
  54. Madison Spruill
  55. Kara Stancil
  56. Emma Staples – LT
  57. Marissa Vernon 
  58. Emma Walker – NT
  59. Quinn Wall 
  60. Kimberly Whitaker – LT
  61. Alana York 

2020 Travel Team Registration

You have the option to play locally or tryout for one of our national level teams. 292 meetings will be held August - October 2019. Information on 292 meetings will be posted in July.
  • Tryouts will be held in March of 2020 to help determine the playing level for each player FOR THOSE THAT ARE UNDECIDED ON THEIR LEVEL. 292 meetings will be held August - October 2019 to discuss playing / coaching / team options. You can pay the local fee and list UNDECIDED before tryouts in the spring of 2020. All players tryout together.