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Our organization offers several different programs for participants at all levels.   We have girls programs for Pre-K through 12th grades.  We understand that not one size fits all so we try to accommodate as many levels for players as possible.  Some players want to make their high school team and some want to play in college.  Everyone wants to improve. Please email Coach Robinson (aka Coach R) if you have any questions at or 

The basic philosophy of our program centers around helping players get better for their school teams. Our first ever player, Nell (Pollard) Johnson, asked Coach Robinson in the Spring of 1996 for help so she could make her high school varsity team at R.J. Reynolds. The Stealers were started shortly afterwards with that principle in mind.  As the years went on, the program grew, some players, parents and coaches have come into the organization with the idea that the Stealers main role was to win tournament championships or to get a scholarship to play in college.  That has never been Coach R’s focus. The organization has been successful and accomplished the weekend tournament success and had a large number of girls go on to play in college, but the thinking that our program’s purpose is that does not come from Coach R.  If you get better, continue to work and love playing and improving, all of the other things take care of themselves.

Please review our 2022 program video and parent notes here: LINK.

Our organization has a pipeline system that works as follows:

There are more in-depth descriptions of each program on each individual program page on this website.  Schedules for each program will be posted below the closer we get to each season on their appropriate pages.    

  • PIPELINE #1- The Winston-Salem Stealers “Intro To AAU Skills and League” 2nd-4th Grades: The “Intro To AAU Skills and League” program are for those who are beginners and wanting to learn how to play basketball.  The program will NOT play in tournaments vs. other AAU / Club teams. The participants will work on their fundamentals and skills and then play in an intramural league vs. the other participants in this particular program. They’ll move to the Stealers 3rd-5th grade program when ready.  This program runs from November – January.  The difference between this program and the Developing Dribblers program is that the “Intro To AAU Skills and League” program is played on ten  (10) foot goals.
  • PIPELINE #2  – The Winston-Salem Stealers 3rd-6th Grades:  The Winston-Salem Stealers are the foundation of our organization.  The Stealers were founded in 1996 and have played competitively on weekends vs. other AAU / club programs on both a local and national level.  This program runs from January – June. The Stealers play regularly, sometimes 2-3 times a month.
  • PIPELINE #3 – CRC Teams 3rd-5th Grades: This is a program that follows along similar lines as the Stealers 3rd-5th grades, but doesn’t play as much. This program provides written feedback to each participant following tournament weekends or after two weeks of practice.  The CRC team will play 1, maybe 2, times a month.  CRC information can be found under Teach The Game on this website.
  • PIPELINE #4- CRC Teams 6th-8th Grades:  This program is to prepare participants for the upcoming 7th-11th Grade Travel Team program.   The team won’t travel as much as our national teams do.   There will be a mix of local and regional tournaments (more local tournaments than regional).  The team runs from November – September. CRC information can be found under Teach The Game on this website.
  • PIPELINE #5 – The Winston-Salem Stealers 7th-11th Grade National and Local Travel Teams: The national level program is for girls hoping to play in college. These teams play at a competitive level in college exposure events. Our program has had over 160 girls go onto play in college at all levels (DI, DII, DIII , JUCO and NAIA).   Our local level program allows for those wanting to continue to play basketball but not with the college exposure travel.   Visit the left hand menu and look for ‘WS Girls Programs” and then scroll down to “2022 Winston-Salem Stealers Travel Team Program” to register or for more information.

The supplemental programs we offer as follows:

  • Developing Dribblers: This program is for Pre-K – 3rd Grades and is similar to the “Intro To AAU Skills and Leagues” with the exception of lowering the goals to eight feet and below.  Information can be found under Teach The Game on this website.
  • Teach The Game Skills and Drills 2nd-12th Grades: This program offers individual skills, basketball camps, and brings in outside guests to hold camps for our and outside participants.  
  • PEAK Skills: This is a program that Laura Barry, director of the PEAK program in Boone, NC, runs at the Maddawg Center. The program is a group skills and camps program.
  • CRC Skills and Leagues: The program is designed to offer skills in a group setting and then provide feedback after playing in league games.  League games are in an intramural setting against others who have signed up for the CRC skills and leagues program.  The program runs from November – February.   Information can be found under Teach The Game on this website
  • Additional Exposure Teams: This program came about in 2002 and has been offered periodically over the years to provide players additional opportunities to perform in front of college coaches. There is travel involved with this program.
  • 292 Basketball: The 292 program came about in 2002-03 to help provide parents and players a guide and plan to play basketball in college.   The program is NOT a marketing a program. The program is to try to help parents and players sort through the sometimes confusing world of college basketball recruiting.   Information can be found under “The Winston-Salem Stealers” on the left hand menu.

Boys Programs:

  • We currently offer one age group for boys, The Twin City Jazz. Contact Coach Robinson directly for more information.