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7th-12th Grade Showcase Events

  • Below you’ll find registrations for our 7th-12th grade 2018 tournaments, invitationals and showcases.  Please read this disclaimer concerning our tournament waiver of liability: By signing up whether via email or through this website for one of our tournaments, invitationals or showcases, you are acknowledging that your team (participants, participant parents, family memłbers, guardians, and bench personnel) will not hold the Winston-Salem Stealers, 292 Basketball, the Twin City Jazz, the Triad Trackers, the volunteers or staff of these programs nor the Gateway YWCA staff or volunteers for any injury or illness that may be sustained from participation at the event. You understand that basketball is a contact sport and involves strenuous activity and injuries and illnesses do occur.


————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– July 6th – Stealers July Warmup

Cost is $150.00 team or $125.00 for teams from the same organization. 20 Team limit, registration is below.

Grades 7th-12th can participate.  Held at the Gateway YWCA (1300 S. Main Street / Winston-Salem, NC 27127).

NCAA / USAB Coaches & Team Certification: Must be completed EACH YEAR for ALL coaches

USAB Gold License link:


NCAA Athlete Registration:


Team List (13 spots are available):

  1. Winston-Salem Stealers “Grant” 2020
  2. Winston-Salem Stealers “Rizoti” 2020
  3. Winston-Salem Stealers “Role” 2020
  4. Winston-Salem Stealers “Rizoti” 2021
  5. Winston-Salem Stealers “Moser” 2022
  6. Winston-Salem Stealers “Eggers” 2023
  7. Winston-Salem Stealers “Grant” 2023

Stealers July 2019 Warmup