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August 3 on 3 League; 7th-12th Grade Girls League.

3 on 3 returns in August of 2018.  The league opened up in 2013 and ran until 2016.

The league is open to girls in grades 7th-12th. Each team will play two games / evening.  Teams will be made up of four players each.

Registration is limited to current Winston-Salem Stealers participants.

The cost of the league is $20.00. The league will not interfere with normal travel team practices. Teams will be split up according to positions played, grade level in school and skill set. The ideal team makeup is to have one point guard, one shooting guard, one post player and one combo/wing player.

Rules will be posted periodically and updated here leading up to the season:

  • Games are ten minutes long, running clock.
  • One 30 second timeout per game with an additional timeout for overtime.
  • Timeouts can only be called on a dead ball.
  • Games are scored as follows:  a normal two point basket in regulation five-on-five basketball is counted as one point in 3 on 3; a normal three point basket in regulation five-on-five basketball is counted as two points in 3 on 3.
  • The first team to score 21 points is the winner.
  • If neither team scores 21 points when regulation time is over, the winner is determined by which team has the most points.
  • There will be a 12 second shot clock if the ball is being held too long by one team (this will be discussed after the first set of games are played if necessary).
  • Individual fouls will not be recorded, however team fouls will.  On the seventh team foul the opponent shoot two free throws. On the tenth team foul the opponent will shoot two free throws and get the ball.
  • All dead balls have a re-start with a “check” at the top of the key to start play.
  • Overtime winner is for the first team to score two points.
  • Game starts with a jump shot to see who gets possession. If the jump shot is made, the team is the winner and now has the option of taking the ball first in regulation or taking the ball first in overtime.
  • Any jump balls during the game, the defense is awarded the ball.
  • After a basket is scored, the team getting the next possession has to clear the ball past the three point line before they can shoot. The ball can be dribbled or passed out beyond the three point line.  This means that as the ball goes through the basket, the ball IS NOT to be taken out of bounds, but instead gathered by the team that was on defense and then dribbles or passes it beyond the three point line. The ball can be stolen as it is being dribbled or passed by the now offensive team.

The eventual goal of the league is to introduce / re-introduce the 3 on 3 concept to our players. This league will lead up to a national qualifier where we will send a team to Colorado Springs, Colorado in the spring of 2019 to play for the national championship. The national championship winner will get to play overseas, representing USA Basketball for the world championships.


Team RED:

  1. Navaeh Fears
  2. Elliott Jessup
  3. Kennedy Long
  4. Lettie Michael
  5. Emily Smith

Team BLUE:

  1. Natalie Axtell
  2. Rebekah Minton
  3. Sofia Pardino
  4. Elaine Smith
  5. Elle Lyons


  1. Isabella Albany
  2. Sasha Burey
  3. Grace Harriman
  4. Tatum Tesh
  5. Marissa Vernon


  1. Savannah Gilliam
  2. Yasmine Paige
  3. Avery Ray
  4. Isabella Ross
  5. Destiny Thompson

Team GOLD:

  1. Marlena Hall
  2. Emily Kusnic
  3. Alexandra Shen
  4. Madison Spruill
  5. Trista Charles

Game Schedule (all games on Court 3 at the Gateway YWCA):

Monday, August 13th:

  • 5:30 Blue 11 vs. Gold 13; Red 9 vs. Purple 6 (Green is off)
  • 5:45 Green 4 vs. Blue 9;  Gold 11 vs. Purple 8 (Red is off)
  • 6:00 Red 8 vs. Green 4; Purple 11  vs. Blue 19 (Gold is off)

Monday, August 20th:

  • 5:30 Gold 6 vs. Green 3;  Red 12 vs. Blue 9  (Purple is off)
  • 5:45 Gold 9 vs. Red 11; Purple 2 vs. Green 9   (Blue is off)
  • 6:00 Blue 13 vs. Gold 12; Red 9  vs. Purple 2 (Green is off)


  • 5:30 Gold 7 vs. Red 9 (OT);  Purple 4 vs. Green 6 (OT)   (Blue is off)
  • 5:45 Blue  12 vs. Gold 6; Red 11 vs. Purple 6  (Green is off)
  • 6:00 Green 4 vs. Blue 9; Gold 10 vs. Purple 13  (Red is off)


  • 5:30  Red 10 vs. Green 8; Purple 7 vs. Blue 8  (Gold is off)
  • 5:45  Gold 9 vs. Green 10;  Red 13  vs. Blue 15 (OT)  (Purple is off)
  • 6:30  Gold 6 vs. Red 4; Purple 4 vs. Green 11   (Blue is off)

Wednesday, August 29th:

  • 5:30  #5 seed Purple vs. #4 seed Green
  • 5:45  #2 seed Blue vs. #3 seed Gold  : # 1 seed Red vs. winner of #4 / #5 ________________
  • 6:00  Winners of 5:45 Games for Championship ____________________  vs. ___________________

Number of games played:

  • Red plays 10 regular season games.
  • Purple plays 10 regular season games.
  • Gold plays 10 regular season games.
  • Green plays 9 regular season games.
  • Blue plays 9 regular season games.

To give each team the same amount of games for standings purposes, the Red, Purple and Gold teams will have one game result dropped from their schedule.  Game result to be decided at a later date.


  1. Red 8-2 – will receive #1 seed.  Red split the season series with Blue at 1-1. Tie-Breaker: Red scored 25 vs. Blue and Blue scored 24 vs. Red.
  2. Blue 7-2
  3. Gold 4-6 – will receive #3 seed. Gold split the season series with Green at 1-1. Tie-Breaker: Gold scored 15 vs. Green and Green scored 14 vs. Gold.
  4. Green 4-5
  5. Purple 1-9