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Welcome to “R-Ball”

7671357“R”-Ball includes our organization’s individual and group skills scheduling as well as any academy or camp / clinic we host.

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Below you will find individual skills times that are available with Coach Robinson. Individual skills are 1 on 1 sessions that last an hour. The cost of each session is $20 per session for 3rd-6th grades and non-292 Basketball members in the 7th-12th grades.

The cost is $15.00 per session for 7th-12th grade 292 Basketball Members.

There are also skills packages available as follows:

3rd-6th grade and non-292 Basketball members:  10 sessions for $185.00.
7th-12th grade 292 Basketball members:  10 sessions for $120.00.

If you have already registered for a skills package, Coach R:) has that list in his files and can let you know how many sessions you have remaining.

Next individual skills dates (BOLD & INITIALED times are reserved):