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Fall 2019 Season Registration

The fall season ends the weekend of October 12th. All practices will be held at the Gateway YWCA in Winston-Salem located at 1300 S. Main Street (27127). The cost is $185.00. 

Interested in being a team parent – please contact Coach Robinson at first, then once approved, fill out the form below.

Here is the uniform contract. Each parent needs to fill this out and give it to their team parent (once team parents are selected). Team parent information will be eventually posted below. The team parent then needs to give all the forms at one time to Coach Robinson.

Here is the medical release form.  The medical release form needs to be filled out in case of emergency.  Please turn your form into the team parent. The team parent will make one copy for the bench to have during games and one copy for the front desk of the Gateway YWCA during practices.

4th/5th/6th Grade Information:

  • Coach Mary Davis, Lily Role, and Elaine Smith, practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00-6:15. 

7th Grade Information:

  • Coach Emily Thomas, practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:15-7:30. 

Tournament Schedule (Each team plays a minimum of six tournaments this fall) – schedule is subject to change:

  • September 7 in Winston-Salem
  • September 21-22 in Winston-Salem
  • October 5-6 in Mount Airy
  • October 12 in Winston-Salem
  • October 19 in Winston-Salem

4th/5th Grade Mary Davis / Lily Role / Elaine Smith Roster – Team Parent:  Bill Rudert:

  1. Reese Chamra #15
  2. Makaylah Hines
  3. Lila Kelly
  4. Ella Lamoureux #34
  5. Emmalyne Parnitzke #24
  6. Sadie Rudert #23 
  7. Jaina Turner
  8. Brooke White #10

7th Grade Stanley/ Davis Roster – Team Parent: Dana Whitaker:

  1. Ariana Burns #12
  2. Zarah Love
  3. Anne Overman #2
  4. Sanaa Puryear #14
  5. Kimberly Whitaker #23

Note: There are 2-3 others to be listed for this team.

7th Grade Rhew-Thomas Roster – Team Parent: Elizabeth Wolfe:

  1. Annalee Bell #1
  2. Trista Charles #24
  3. Campbell McClain #15
  4. Lauren Shen #3
  5. Taylor Shen #11
  6. Ava Snider #4
  7. Emma Staples #55
  8. Olivia Stone #10
  9. Madeline Levy-Wolfe #22

2019 Fall Season Registration

  • Price: $185.00 Quantity: