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Ganon Baker Camp Returns This October!!!

Ganon Baker returns October 25-26, 2017 for his high intensity skills and drills basketball camp. Camp runs from 6:30-8:30 both nights at the Gateway YWCA in Winston-Salem.

The cost is $50.00 for the camp for current Twin City Jazz or Winston-Salem Stealers participants.

For non-program participants, the camp cost is $60.00.

If you want to learn more about Ganon visit HERE and his work visit HERE.

Registrations (using 2017-18 School Grade):

  1. Sterling Charles (9th)
  2. Trista Charles (5th)
  3. Marissa Vernon (6th)
  4. Emily Smith (7th)
  5. Brett Holder (7th)
  6. Isabella Albany (6th)
  7. Alex Shen (7th)
  8. Lauren Shen (6th)
  9. Taylor Shen (6th)
  10. Natalie Axtell (8th)
  11. Callie Scheier (11th)
  12. Maddie Scheier (7th)
  13. Elissa Segers (8th)
  14. Abigail Hoyle (8th)
  15. Adelaide Jernigan (5th)
  16. James Jernigan (7th)
  17. Hunter Hutchens (9th)
  18. Hannah Parker (8th)
  19. Haley Hill (8th)
  20. Francesca Moya (8th)
  21. Elle Sutphin (10th)
  22. Addison Boyers (7th)
  23. Kaleb Roope (6th)
  24. Jackson Martin (6th)
  25. Hannah Waddel (6th)
  26. Caroline Houpe (10th)
  27. Grace Harriman (8th)