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General Information


Licensed Athletic Trainers will be on-site to handle all injuries/concussions. Licensed Athletic Trainers are licensed healthcare professionals that are formally trained in the recognition, evaluation, management, and rehabilitation of injuries that occur during physical and athletic/sport activity. The Winston Salem Stealers/Twin City Jazz/292 Basketball program follows the Gefeller-Waller concussion law and NCHSAA concussion management protocol. THE TRAINER BY LAW HAS THE FINAL SAY ON WHETHER OR NOT A PLAYER CAN RETURN TO THE COURT DUE TO SUSPECTED OR DIAGNOSED CONCUSSION. Program Event Types: 1.     One-Day Invitationals: One day events with a three-game guarantee.  These are focused on getting your players game experience, and do not offer trophies or medals.  They are very competitively priced events to get your players minutes on the court without the pressures of trying to ‘win’ a tournament.  3rd-8th grade, boys and/or girls. 2.     One-Day or Two-Day Tournaments: The standard type of tournament, typically with pool and bracket play, with either a 3-game or 4-game guarantee.  These offer champions in each division, with medals awarded for first and second place.  For those want who minutes on the court for their players but also value winning a tournament.  3rd-8th grade, boys and/or girls. 3.     Showcases: Typically 2-day events, these are 4 games played in front of college coaches for the purpose of college recruiting.  Usually grades 8th – 11th, but 7th grade teams can also attend. 4.     Clinics:  Events typically for individual players, such as skills teaching, etc.

Program Tournament Policies

Our approach to running Tournaments and Showcases is different than most other.  Key information about our Tournaments and Showcases: 1.     We believe that parents have the right to receive a tournament schedule earlier than Thursday night or even Friday before the Saturday games.Therefore, we have a FIRM cutoff for signups on the Tuesday prior to the weekend tournament, and we commit to producing a game schedule by Wednesday.  Yes, sometimes there are minor changes, but those are due to errors, not adding teams that try to sign up late, and we correct it quickly.  We WILL NOT add teams late just to chase their registration money (as others do…). 2.     OUR DEADLINES ARE DEADLINES.  See #1 above… 3.     We try to provide an ‘Early Bird’ rate on our events, to give teams that plan ahead to opportunity to save a little money.  We are FIRM on those deadlines, and will not extend the Early Bird rate if you are late. 4.     We ONLY accept online payment; you cannot pay onsite.  We offer Paypal, and if you do not have a PayPal account you can pay as guest.  Credit/Debit cards as well as electronic checks are taken. 5.     We rarely cancel a tournament.  If you are interested in our event, your best bet is to pay/register and not wait to see if others sign up – they will.  In the very rare event that a tournament is cancelled, we refund fees as quickly as possible, with the goal of mailing a check the same day of cancellation.  We don’t and won’t play games with your money. 6.      New Policy (5/2015): We will have a set schedule and team limit for our one day and two day tournaments, invitationals and showcases.  This will allow us to not to overbook and allow us to keep games on time at one site. Our host site is the Gateway YWCA, 1300 South Main Street, Winston-Salem NC. Our host hotel for 2015 will be posted soon.

Want Information On Our Events?

CLICK HERE and fill out the form to be added to our email list to be contacted when registrations are open for our tournaments.  Please be sure to include the team name and age/grade.