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Individual Skills

Below you will find individual skills times that are available with Coach Robinson. Coach R’s time is limited for skills with his high school season underway, as well as other basketball-related activities taking place year-round.  However, the need for 1-on-1 work is necessary for continued growth and improvement.  Coach R would like to get everyone in during the upcoming breaks, but that would be impossible with the amount of new requests, the participants with existing skills remaining and participants in the Stealers For Life program, so registrations, for now, will be limited.  Skills are definitely the most requested program we have. The dates for the sessions will be: INITIALS IN BOLD are reserved:


The costs are as follows for program members:

  • 5 skills sessions (each skill is one hour with Coach R) for $100.00
  • 5 skills and 3 “The Gun” sessions (“Gun” is shooting on your own with the automatic machine for 45 minutes) for 8 sessions total for $125.00
  • 5 skills and 5 “The Gun” sessions for $150.00
  • 5 “The Gun” only for $70.00

The costs for non-program members is:

  • 5 skill sessions for $115.00
  • 5 skills and 3 “The Gun” sessions for $135.00
  • 5 skills and 5 “The Gun” sessions for $155.00
  • 5 “The Gun” only for $80.00

If you have existing skills or are in Stealers For Life, you can register for a session with Coach R by emailing him at If you do not get all of your sessions completed over the breaks in 2015, you can carry them over to 2016 until they are completed. Also, if you want more than one package, you can register for that and use later in the year.