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One Day Coed Skills Basketball Camps – 2018

Coach R will host three one day skills basketball camps from May – July.  The sessions will focus on footwork, ball-handling, shooting, passing and teamwork. Each session runs for ninety minutes.

Dates are May 16 from 9:30-11:00, and then on July 14 and 21.  The sessions will be at the Gateway YWCA.

The sessions are coed and open to players between grades 4-12.

The sessions are open to program and non-program participants.


Costs are $25.00 for one day, $35.00 for two days, and $45.00 for three days.

Space will be limited.

  1. Elaine Smith
  2. Maddie Scheier
  3. Grace Harriman (+2 sessions in July)
  4. Emily Kusnic (2 sessions in July)
  5. Alexandra Shen
  6. Caroline Houpe
  7. Cannon Marshall (2 sessions in July)
  8. Kara Stancil
  9. Georgina Hall
  10. Adam Horobey (+2 sessions in July)
  11. Lane Cooke (2 sessions in July)
  12. Yasmine Paige (2 sessions in July)
  13. Abigail Hoyle
  14. Hannah Parker
  15. Tyler Hackney
  16. Tyler Hess (2 in July)
  17. Savannah Gilliam (1 in July)
  18. Harrison Grant (2 in July)
  19. Adelaide Jernigan (2 in July)
  20. James Jernigan (2 in July)
  21. Isabella Albany (2 in July)
  22. Marissa Vernon (1 in July, 21st)

One Day Coed Skills Camps - 2018

  • By typing "Yes", I, as parent/guardian of the above-named participant, understand that skill sessions sometimes involve contact and strenuous activity. I also understand that injuries and illnesses can occur from skill sessions. I will not the hosting organization, the staff / volunteers, or the hosting facility liable for any injury / illness that occurs from participation in this program.
  • You can register for one, two or three days. May 16: 9:30-11:00, July 14: 9:00-10:30, July 21: 9:00-10:30. Cost for one session is $25.00, cost for two sessions is $35.00 (total), cost for three sessions is $45.00 (total).