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Summer 2018 Group Skills Information.

Summer group skills registration is open for girls in the (rising) 4th-8th grades.  Registration is limited to fifteen participants (updated from ten) per session.  If we reach ten participants, we will start a waiting list.  The number of campers is based on the number of coaches we have available.   The sessions (for the most part) will be run by Coach Robinson; Coach R’s availability will be based around his summer high school schedule and his work nationally with USA Basketball at their camps and clinics.  Group skills began in 2004 and have been held every summer since in some shape, form or fashion.

Merritt Rizoti will co-run the evening camps with Coach R and alums of the Stealers’ program, including former Western Carolina player Julia Brown, will be guest coaches in morning and evening sessions. All sessions will be held at the Gateway YWCA in Winston-Salem.

The program will run similarly to past group skills programs where those who have participated before will continue to build on their skill set. Those who are first-timers or who are lacking some fundamentals will be taught at a pace that can eventually catch them up to the group with the main goal being for each girl to improve each session. Footwork, passing, ball-handling, shooting technique/form, screening and rebounding will all be taught throughout the summer.

There will be one session each morning (change made the week of July 4th)  and two sessions each evening on the dates listed below. Evening sessions will be broken down by grades: 4th-6th and 7th-8th; morning sessions will be one grade group.

The cost is $130.00 for thirteen morning sessions or $130.00 for thirteen evening sessions. There is also an opportunity to register for both sessions (one morning / one evening) for $225.00. The morning sessions will run from 9:00-10:00 for 4th-8th grades. The evening sessions will run from 5:00-6:00 for 4th-6th grades and 6:00-7:00 for 7th-8th grades.

Those in the Stealers For Life program can email Coach R directly to register.

Registrations (School year 2018-19):

  1. Maddie Scheier (8th) – Both Sessions
  2. Marissa Vernon (7th) – Both Sessions
  3. Emily Smith (7th) – Morning Session Only
  4. Georgina Hall (8th) – Evening Session Only
  5. Marlena Hall (7th) – Both Sessions
  6. Bella Albany (7th) – Both Sessions
  7. Navaeh Fears (7th) – Both Sessions
  8. Alexandra Shen (8th) – Evening Session
  9. Lauren Shen (6th) – Evening Session
  10. Taylor Shen (6th) – Evening Session
  11. Haley Carson (7th) – Evening Session
  12. Grace Galyon (6th) – Evening Session Only
  13. Sadie Rudert (4th) – Evening Session Only
  14. Sofia Pardino (8th) – Both Sessions

The dates are as follows:


  • June 18 (M), 20 (W)
  • July 2 (M), 9 (M), 17 (T), 18 (W), 23 (M), 25 (W), 30 (M)
  • August 1 (W), 6 (M), 8 (W), 13 (M)


  • June 4 (M), 11 (M), 19 (T), 21 (TH), 26 (T), 28 (TH)
  • July 3 (T), 10 (T)* – Note that 7/10 is a 5:00-6:00 session only; no 6:00 session, 31 (T)
  • August 2 (TH), 7 (T), 9 (TH), 14 (T)

2018 Summer Group Skills (4th-8th Grades)

  • By typing "YES" I, as parent / guardian, understand that group skill sessions involve strenuous activity and contact. I agree not to hold liable the hosting program, its' volunteers or staff, nor the hosting facility, staff or volunteers for any injury or illness sustained from participation in this program.