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Teach The Game – High School Academy Team

The Teach The Game Academy Team will run from April 2020 – September 2020.   The team is for high school grade players who would like to play additional games in between their Winston-Salem Stealers travel team tournament games. High school age / grade meaning the participants are in high school during the spring of 2020.

The team will play one tournament per month.  There will be one college exposure tournament in July so the team members will need to go through the NCAA / BBCS registration process.

The team uniforms have been sponsored by Teach The Game so the cost of registration is to pay for practice space and the tournaments. There will be an initial limit of eight (8) players for the team.

The tournament schedule is as follows (all tournaments are subject to change):

  • April 4: Roanoke, Virginia
  • May 2: Virginia Beach or Richmond, VA
  • June 6: Charlotte, NC
  • July 6-7 or July 27-28 – EXPOSURE EVENT
  • August: 1-2: TBA
  • September: 19-20: TBA

Tournaments will be played in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida (in July).

The practice schedule is as follows:

  • Fridays beginning in late March.

The cost to play is $250.00.

Head coach will be Brian Robinson.

Registration Closed:

  1. Natalie Axtell – 9th Grade
  2. Katie Deal – 9th Grade
  3. Kyndall Ellison – 10th Grade
  4. Grace Harriman – 9th Grade
  5. Abby Hoyle – 10th Grade (out until late summer 2020)
  6. Lettie Michael – 9th Grade
  7. Hannah Parker – 10th Grade
  8. Emma Pendleton – 9th Grade
  9. Elaine Smith – 11th Grade
  10. Kara Stancil – 11th Grade
  11. Brianna Whitaker – 10th Grade