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TTG 5th-6th and 7th-8th Grade Academy Program.

Our academy tournament team returns in April of 2020.  There will be one (maybe two) teams at the 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade level.  There is also a high school grade level team. The team(s) will be coached by Brian Robinson. Laurie Mulqueeny (and others) will help coach during the season (in case both teams play at the same time). Right now, there will be a limit of ten players for each season, however, if the demand is there, a separate 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade team will be fielded.

Please understand that Coach R does work for USA Basketball (LINK HERE) so from time to time he is asked to run or speak at a national camp or clinic which may cause the academy schedule to change.

There will be three separate seasons with three separate registrations (with a discount if you register for all three at once and another discount for registering for two seasons).  There will be an April – May season, a June – July season and a August – September season.

The team will play in three tournaments each season and practices will be held on Fridays (with maybe a weekend here or there) so as not to conflict with travel team scheduling. Tournaments will be scheduled around the travel team season.  The practice schedule and tournament schedule will be posted here soon.

Please note that the 5th/6th grade teams will play locally (in the Triad area) and not travel as much (if at all).  That team’s schedule will be posted soon.

Practice schedule:

  • Fridays beginning in late March

Tournament schedule:

  • April 4: Roanoke, Virginia (high school and middle school)
  • May 2: Virginia Beach or Richmond, VA (high school and middle school)
  • June 6: Charlotte, NC (high school and middle school)
  • July 11 (middle school only)* – Local Tournament
  • July 13, Monday (high school only)* or another option to be emailed out shortly – Local Tournament.
  • August 1
  • September 19-20: TBA

* = Coach Robinson is out of town July 14-19 and again on July 24-26. Our W-S Stealers Travel Teams are out of town July 10-12 and then again July 20-23 or July 24-27.  We will not play on July 4th This limits the number of weekends available in July.

The cost to play PER SEASON is $150.00.  If you register for two seasons, the cost will be $285.00.  If you register for all three seasons, the cost will be $400.00.  If you are interested in bundling the seasonal tournament program with individual and group skills and basketball camps, please visit the “TTG Seasonal Programs” page here: LINK

There will be a limit of ten players per team.  This is a Teach The Game program (not a Stealers program game so this will NOT fall under Stealers For Life).

SPRING 5th-6h and 7th-8th Grade Registrations:

Spring 7th-8th Grade Registrations (1 spot):

  1. Isabella Albany
  2. Ashley Deal
  3. Gracie Epperson
  4. Nevaeh Fears
  5. Grace Galyon
  6. Caroline Lennon
  7. Marissa Vernon
  8. Quinn Wall
  9. Kimberly Whitaker

Spring 5th-6th Grade Registrations (1 spot):

  1. Eliza Fowler
  2. Ellah Gonzalez
  3. Makaylah Hines
  4. Heather Lynn Hamilton
  5. Ella Jones
  6. London Mann
  7. Hailey Ray
  8. Federica Saracino
  9. Jaina Turner

SUMMER 5th-6th and 7th-8th Grade Registrations:

Summer 7th-8th Grade Registrations (7 spots):

  1. Ashley Deal
  2. Nevaeh Fears
  3. Kimberly Whitaker

Summer 5th-6th Grade Registrations (2 spots):

  1. Eliza Fowler
  2. Ava Lipscomb
  3. Heather Lynn Hamilton
  4. London Mann
  5. Ella Jones
  6. Claire Sullivan
  7. Shannon Sullivan
  8. Brooke Swigert

FALL 5th-6th and 7th-8th Grade Registrations:

Fall 7th-8th Grade Registrations (8 spots):

  1. Ashley Deal
  2. Kimberly Whitaker

Fall 5th-6th Grade Registrations (6 spots):

  1. Heather Lynn Hamilton
  2. Ella Jones
  3. London Mann
  4. Federica Saracino

TTG 3rd-4th, 5th-6th and 7th-8th Grade 2020 Academy Team