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Winston-Salem Stelaers’ Alum Chante’ Black at the Women’s Basketball Hall-of-Fame in Knoxville, TN in 2004.  Chante’ played at East Forsyth, then at Duke before being drafted to play in the WNBA. Chante’ was a consensus Top Twenty player in the United States while in high school, became a McDonald’s All-American and was the first player from our program to play for an NCAA Championship (2006).  Chante’ was our first 292 Program participant and was recruited by over 250 colleges while in high school.  It was her college recruitment which helped our program establish relationships with hundreds of college coaches that last until this day.


  •  The CRC Program was originally developed to give participants the opportunity to play competitively during the October – February months if school ball wasn’t an option for some and to fill the space in August before the fall AAU season started.  Learn more about the CRC Program HERE. The 292 Basketball Program began in 2003 and has steadily grown over the years.  The purpose and goals of the 292 Basketball Program are to help players with dreams of playing basketball after high school and the parents of those players find realistic opportunities to match their hopes. Learn more about the 292 Program HERE.

What is the CRC PLUS Program:

  • The CRC PLUS Program is set up to use our twenty-seven (27) years of college coach relationships, combined with the concepts found in our CRC Program, to help participants be on a track to potentially play basketball in college.  
  • You can learn more about the number of players that have gone onto play in college from our program or our relationships with college coaches HERE, or HERE, or HERE.

Coach R’s Work at and with College / Professional Level Players:

  • Coach Robinson has had the privilege of working at the highest level of basketball in the country: USA Basketball.  
  • You can also learn about Coach R’s work with USA Basketball HERE.
  • Coach R worked one year as an assistant women’s college basketball coach at Southeastern University located in Lakeland, Florida.
  • By working annually with players and coaches that have or are playing or coaching in the WNBA, in the Olympics and / or at all levels in college, Coach R takes those experiences and then tailors to our players.  Coach R annually experiences firsthand the trends taking place in the college recruiting world and tries to position each Stealers player in front of colleges.  It is important to reach the “promises” below.

CRC PLUS Concept: 

  • The concept is to create an in-program based college coach information center for our participants. 
  • The program will offer the following: 
  1. Two Levels: Exposure Stealers and Future Stealers. The goal is to open the program to anyone interested and then separate the participants based on each player’s skill set. 
  2. YouTube Channel: (aka “StealersTV”) Winston-Salem Stealers to post game videos. HERE
  3. Bi-weekly newsletter sent to college coaches (sent out 4/3/23, 4/17/23, 5/1/23, 5/15/23. 5/29/23. 6/12/23, 6/26/23, 7/10/23, 7/24/23)
  4. Highlight video for players per month from video taken from BallerTV, parent video that has been sent in and video from Open Runs.
  5. A page on this website dedicated to a player profile for college coaches to view.

The concept is to offer an additional day of practice per week for our CRC Plus participants. The CRC participants will receive their normal day of practice beginning in October of 2023 and the CRC Plus participants will receive an additional day which will be used for college work.  We will not interfere with school ball season (November – February). 


  • To give each participant the best possible opportunity to reach their dream of potentially playing in college.  

Difference Between CRC, Regular National, Regional, and Local Teams:   

  • The participants in our CRC Program have the option, at a discounted cost, to join the CRC Plus Program.
  • The CRC program practices one day a week while The Winston-Salem Stealers national, regional and local teams practice twice a week.   Those teams work basically on skills for about 15-20 minutes and then an hour or so on team concepts.   
  • The CRC PLUS Program will be an hour of BOTH offensive and defensive skills and then the remaining time (30-45 minutes) to play.  The CRC PLUS program is not a travel team, meaning the team does not play in AAU or club tournaments.  The idea is to give the college coaches an idea and evaluation of how OUR participants ONLY are performing.

Time Frame:

  • 9th-12th Grade Players:  October 2022, March-September 2023 (March-June is basically used for Open Runs, July the group will play in a college exposure event, the first half of August and the ending part of October is used to keep our CRC Participants sharp.)
  • 5th/6th-8th Grade Players:  October 2022 – September 2023.


  • Weather permitting and / or personal or professional situations or emergencies, the program will run once a week during the months posted above.
  • There are NO promises as far as anyone receiving a college scholarship.  View The Winston-Salem Stealers parent meeting video (18:50 on the video link page HERE).


  • Currently limited to twenty participants.   That’s how the 292 Program began.
  • Registration is at the bottom of the page.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • My daughter plays middle school ball, what will the weekday schedule be like in November – February?  Answer: Coach R coaches high school basketball as well, so the CRC PLUS program will be on weekends during those four months or on weeknights during holiday breaks.
  • I want to register for just the CRC PLUS Program, can I do that?  Yes.
  • If my daughter is NOT in the CRC Program, Teach The Game or The Winston-Salem Stealers, can she be a part of the CRC Plus Program?   Yes, however, she cannot have previously been a part of the Stealers, TTG, or CRC in the past (i.e. a player that left one of our programs to play AAU / club elsewhere and then wants to come back).
  • Will the CRC PLUS Program interfere with my daughter’s Stealers team practices in 2022-23?  No. The schedule will be worked around your team practices.
  • Why start in the 5th grade?   We have had players recruited by colleges as early as the 7th grade.  The earlier the players can be taught college level concepts the better it will serve them during the high school years. 


  • Patience.  Every college recruitment is unique.  Hardly ever are two recruitment of players similar.  Are there similarities? Yes, however, the college coaches change frequently and each school has their own set of rules and requirements that they have to also follow.  This is where the value of previous college coach relationships come into play.
  • Typically, those who are patient and trust the entire recruitment process, even when it looks like nothing is happening, usually come out with a school and program that they are happy with during their college years.


  • If you were part of the CRC Program in 2023, you can re-register for $100.00 for the 2023-24 year.
  • If you were not part of the CRC Program in 2023, you can register for $150.00 for the 2023-24 year.
  • There will be a limit of 20 participants.

You can pay using Venmo @Teach-TheGame, CashApp $TTGWSS or

Registrants 2023-24 (20 participant max for now):

  1. Bailey Aderhold
  2. Tabitha Airo
  3. Makayla Brooks
  4. Madison Daugherty
  5. Juliet Duarte
  6. Kalin Favreau
  7. Cora Hadley
  8. Emma Hadley
  9. Lila Kelly
  10. Ellie Kesler
  11. Jenna Moore
  12. Kayden Richardson
  13. Olivia Smith