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CRC Teams 6th-9th Grades.

Information for this new program: First, this opportunity is strictly optional.

I am wanting to combine my new CRC program with the Stealers. I want to offer more to the girls than just an AAU team. The rising 9th grade team started as an 8th grade team last fall. The team is / was very successful on and off the court.  I felt like being back coaching with the organization helped each individual grow and I’d like to continue with that. I think that I can offer more to each player with the amount of resources I have in many areas.  (*See below in FAQ #2) With the new CRC College Prep program offering college coach visits to practices, hosting seminars, video recording practices, offering written feedback from practices and tournaments, and exposing the players to national and sometimes global level contacts, etc…  I thought I would “up” the level for what your daughter gets above what the normal Stealers team is receiving.

I wanted to offer this opportunity to the current rising 9th grade team, and then offer the same to the rising 7th and 8th grade teams.

Obviously, all of this takes time and with my increased schedule with national programs I’ll need time to plan everything out. I typically have everything scheduled out and organized and with the potential of working again with USA Basketball in 2022 and working with them in July and August of 2021, I want to see if there is any interest to try this program. If we don’t have enough for one of the grade levels of teams, then we will let everyone play on our of travel teams in 2022.

Those in Stealers For Life (SFL) have the option of using SFL to play on a travel team (national or local) with a member of our current coaching staff.

My teams would go above SFL and offer more than what was in your original SFL contract, including me coaching the team(s), so thus the reason for the charge.

The cost to play from August (rising 9th grade team) or September (rising 7th and rising 8th grade teams) is $350.00.  If you are in Stealers For Life, the cost is $300.00.

There is an option to split the fee into two payments, though that split fee would be a little higher at $180.00 (two payments) for non-Stealers For Life and $160.00 for Stealers For Life.

If you want to register, you can use , Venmo @Teach-TheGame or Cash App $TTGWSS.  I am going to begin listing registration for the 2022 7th-11th grade travel team season on the front page of the website under “292 Meetings” and will add your daughter’s name to the overall roster when she’s signed up


  1. One question that has come up is what can we then use our SFL program for?  You can still use the SFL program for in-program camps, out of program camp discounts, skills (group and individual), leagues (3 on 3), other Stealers’ teams if you want to play both on this team and with a Stealers travel team.
  2. What about the team schedule?  The team will play a normal tournament schedule.  However, the difference will be the feedback received from each tournament for each individual player and *everything else listed above.
  3. What teams will you coach in 2021-22? I’ll coach these three teams (7th-9th grades) assuming all three teams fill. Knowing by August of 2021 what things will look like for 2022 will help me schedule everything out ahead of time for everyone. I’ll then coach a 3rd/4th and 5th grade team for those interested. Obviously, the younger grades will have their program tailored to fit their growth.

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