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Teach The Game 2024 – GOLD PROGRAM

Teach The Game 2024

Communication Updates


  • Sunday, April 7th: TTG 2024 Program members have been asked to send in a list of 5-10 colleges that they would be interested in so Coach Robinson can email them on Monday, April 8th in addition to the general college coach email he will be sending out.
  • Monday, April 8th: First email sent to college coaches from Coach Robinson’s master list making them aware of our registered TTG 2024 members profile pages on this website. Each player participating in Knoxville, TN April 19-21 will be identified with a * STAR * next to their name.   



Teach The Game 2024 Information – GOLD PROGRAM


The Teach The Game program is designed to be the bridge between The Winston-Salem Stelaers girls’ basketball program, the CRC Program and the 292 Basketball program. 

What Does Being The “BRIDGE” Mean?

From coaching basketball at the youth and high school level for over thirty years, 90% of the parents that have had daughters play in the Stealers program want their daughters to get better and have welcomed any feedback to help with that improvement.   Since the Stealers are a team practice and play program, individual skills improvement isn’t the focus at team practices.   Teach The Game was designed to create a dedicated space focused on individual and group improvement through skills, camps, and clinics.

When individuals improve the play on the court improves. When the play on the court improves, more opportunities present themselves at the middle school, high school, and, if fortunate, the college level.    The Stealers have had over one hundred and ninety girls go onto play ball in college with a lot of that credit going to the opportunities that the program offers that led to the development of the players pre and post-Teach The Game.

What “OPPORTUNITIES” Does Teach The Game Offer?

  1. Seasonal Basketball Camps
  2. College Player Skills
  3. College Camp Camps
  4. Coaching Clinics
  5. Monthly Group Skills
  6. Individual Skills
  7. National Clinicians

All of these opportunities allow for individual improvement.

Tying Coach Robinson’s College and National Connections With Teach The Game To Make The Stealers Stronger.

Coach Robinson works for USA Basketall leve (See Link: USA Basketball and The Winston-Salem Stealers | The Winston-Salem Stealers Girls Basketball Program ( which has allowed for him to work with the top talent not just in the country but in the world.   


Coach Robinson also works for the WBCA (Women’s Basketball Coaches Association) which is a national association for coaches at levels. Link: Coach R and The WBCA | The Winston-Salem Stealers Girls Basketball Program (


Coach Robinson’s connections at the highest levels of basketball allows for instant credibility when it comes to dealing with college coaches at all levels.

Coach Robinson’s plan for each player is to provide opportunities for them to improve through Teach The Game, then use those opportunities in games with the Stealers and if a player is developing at the proper pace, using those college connections to try and help players reach that next level.

So What Is Teach The Game 2024?

Beginning in June of 2024, Coach Robinson’s is going to place a larger emphasis on skill development, monthly online feedback on a secure page for each individual participant, and tournament play to see if the development is being transferred to games.   

The focus will be on player development over games.   Yes, there will be games, with new uniforms specifically designed for those in the Teach The Game 2024 program, but the exphasis will be on skill work.

For example, something as simple as cutting correctly to get open to make the next pass to create a shot for a teammate could be the difference in your daughter’s team winning, your daughter making their schoool team or your daughter making the right impression in front of a college coach.   

Teach The Game 2024 participants, in addition to becoming the first to wear a Teach The Game jersey, will have their own secured page on this website which will allow for Coach Robinson to post monthly feedback from practices, skill sessions, group sessions, camps, and Teach The Game activities.  For our 6th-12th grade participants. Coach Robinson will use his extensive network of college coach relationships here. Coach Robinson will email the college coaches links to each participants page so they can have access to see improvements on each player.   College coaches are always asking how “Player A” or “Player B” is doing and on this page, they can have direct access to monthly, sometimes weekly, maybe even daily, updates.

Here is an EXAMPLE ONLY of what a secured player page looks like: Adelaide Jernigan 2025 | The Winston-Salem Stealers Girls Basketball Program (  Use the code: AJTTG2024 to access the page. Remember, this is just an example.   



Coach Robinson will then take parts of the CRC Program and add that into Teach The Game 2024.  How?  Every week Coach Robinson will create a video teaching the players a drill, a skill or offer some advice that only players in the Teach The Game 2024 Program can access online.

What Is The Hope Or Goal From Each Participant?

The goal is to provide as many resources as possible for each participant to get from Point A to Point B; Point A being when they start in the program, and Point B being whatever their goal is:  Making their high school JV or vasrity team, potentially playing in college or maybe beyond that. Obviously, as stated throughout this website, there are no promises on what level each participant will reach.

Going From Here

   To, Maybe… Here

Going From Here

To, Maybe … Here

Going From Here

To, Maybe… Here


How Will This Be Different From The Stealers?

Coach Robinson’s hope is that Teach The Game 2024 will compliment and then supplement what the Winston-Salem Stealers offer.   Games (tournament play) are important, but skill work is just as important if not more.   

Besides the noted differences with the feedback and videos, Teach The Game 2024 will focus on the individual player’s development versus team development which is the focus of the Stealers program.

The Mirror.

The link to USA Basketball ( and their relationship with the Winston-Salem Stealers is posted above.   One of Coach Robinson’s duties with USA Basketball near the conclusion of each U16 or U17 Trial (Tryout) is to provide written feedback on each participant.   Think about the players who have participated in USA Basketball tryouts since Coach Robinson started in 2008 when these players were at the U16 or U17 lelve: Breanna Stewart, Sabrina Ionescu, Paige Bueckers, JuJu Watkins, Hannnah Hildalgo, Cameron Brink, etc… the list goes on and on.  Coach Robinson has had to provide feedback on each participant to try and give them advice on how they can improve.  

Coach Robinson would like to mirror that feedback to the participants in Teach The Game 2024 in hopes that they too will improve their games.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Does My Daughter Have To Be A High Level Player To Participate In Teach The Game 2024?

  • No. The goal is to make your daughter better no matter how skill level.

What Are The Costs?

  • There is program packet that Coach Robiinson can email you along with the enrollment form. Email him at for a packet.

What If My Daughter Is Enrolled In Sunday Group Skills, Or Another Teach The Game Or CRC Program or in Stealers For Life?

  • If you are enrolled in another Teach The Game program, CRC or Stealers For Life, all of that will be detailed in the packet.

What Does The Schedule Look Like?

  • During the summer, with the exception of the July evaluation NCAA exposure period for college coaches. there will be two sessions per week. Once school is in full swing, there will be one session per week. 

Basically, June – August: Twice a week, September — May: Once a week.

  • 13 weeks in the summer (June – August): 26 sessions. Note, there will be makeup sessions for the weeks in July where Coach Robinson is out due to the NCAA exposure period.
  • 39 weeks from September – May, there will be another 39 sessions.
  • Total: 65 group sessions for the year.  
  • Tournaments:  Instead of holding “Additional Tournament Teams”, Coach Robinson will use these weekends for Teach The Game tournaments. Your daughter will play in regular Saturday tournaments in August, October-March, then in June 2025. 1-2 tournaments in each of these months, but not conflicting with Winston-Salem Stealers Tournaments. 
  • Early evening sessions during weekdays, and either early Saturday mornings or mid-afternoons on Sundays.
  • The schedule will be based on the number of participants.

Is There A Maximum Number Of Participants Allowed To Start With The Program?

  • Coach Robinson would like to offer the Teach The Game Program to thirty (30) participants to open, but will TRY to create some space at The Maddawg Center if there is more interest.

What Grades Are Eligible For Teach The Game 2024 And How Does This Work During High School Season?

  • 1st-12th grades, girls, are eligible.   
  • Participants will be split up according to grades and / or skill level.
  • The high school grade participants information can be found in the packet.

What If She Plays Another Sport Or Has Other Commitments?

  • This program is designed for your daughter to get better. Playing time and starting spots aren’t as important as developing.  Remember, this is NOT the Winston-Salem Stealers team portion of the program.
  • Go play your other sports and attend when you can.   Obviously, the more she attends the, hopefully, better she gets.


  • Eventually the CRC page and most of the Teach The Game pages currently on this website will blend into the Teach The Game 2024 Program.  
  • Be on the lookout for the changes to the website.