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2023 Tournaments We Host

2023 Tournaments We Host

To pay use, or Venmo @Teach-TheGame or CashApp $TTGWSS. Enter team name and grade / age in the “notes” section.

May 27, 2023 Invitational:

  • 8:00  W-S Stealers 5th “Scheier” vs. W-S Stealers 5th “Smith”
  • 8:50 W-S Stealers 7th/8th vs. W-S Stealers 6th
  • 9:40 W-S Stealers 5th “Scheier” vs. W-S Stealers 3 Month
  • 10:30 W-S Stealers 5th “Smith” vs. W-S Stealers 6th
  • 11:20 W-S Stealers 3 Month vs. W-S Stealers 7th/8th

July 14-16, 2023 Invitational:

Cost is $125.00 for 3 games. Option to play all three (3) on Saturday or one (1) each day, or two (2) on Saturday and one (1) on either Friday or Sunday.

7th-11th Grades.


  1. Winston-Salem Stealers “R” 2024
  2. Winston-Salem Stealers “R” 2025
  3. WInston-Salem Stelaers “Morgan” 2024
  4. Winston-Salem Stealers “Grant” 2027

Tournament Playing Site:

  • The Maddawg Center; 900 East Mountain Street, Building E, Kernersville, NC 27284.   Look under Google Maps for Teach The Game / The Maddawg Center.   Look for the “Phoenix Hotel” Sign when entering the campus property.  You’ll see Stealers Town light pole signs as you enter the parking lot.  The Maddawg Center is located at the bottom of the parking lot (white colored building).   Please park in the upper lot.  The lower lot is used for our outdoor basketball goals and for an eating area.

Game Rules:

  • Two twelve  minute halves, stopped clock.  
  • Two 30 second timeout per half, timeouts do not carry over.
  • Halftime is two minutes.
  • Overtime is one minute. Double overtime is sudden death but you have to win by two,
  • Five fouls per player.
  • All fouls after ten will be one-and-one (each half). Team foul count resets at halftime.
  • Five second closely guarded will be called.

Other Information:

  • Gate fees are $15.00.  Please use cash. Venmo @Teach-TheGame and CashApp $TTGWSS are also options to pay at the door.
  • We have one set of bleachers.  Bringing your own chair is encouraged.
  • Merchandise will be sold throughout the day.
  • Game officials are booked through the Triad Basketball Officials Association.

Home team is listed first, will wear white or the light colored jersey and will keep the official score book at the table.  Please have the score book filled out 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled game time so the games can stay on schedule.

The Munchbox Concession Stand will be open all day..