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NEW!!! Teach The Game 2024 – GREEN PROGRAM

Teach The Game 2024 – GREEN PROGRAM

The TTG 2024 GREEN PROGRAM is designed to help players in and outside of our program that want to have a guide to work on their game(s) away from the court.

TTG 2024 GREEN PROGRAM Video Link:

I receive a lot of questions on how can I get better on a certain skill or drill on my own?   Hopefully the TTG 2024 – GREEN PROGRAM will help.   

During COVID our program held live ZOOM sessions for our players to work on their skills in their backyard, garage, basement or wherever they had space.   That program became very popular then and it is something I hope the TTG 2024 GREEN PROGRAM will help now.




The sessions became so popular that Coach Robinson held them for basketball players in different countries around the world.  Below is a picture of a session held during P.E. Class in a Bluefields, Nicaragua school.  We renamed the program “Teach The World” for a month or so.


What will TTG 2024 GREEN offer?

  • A weekly skill session or drill will be posted online for participants (girls or boys) to work on their own.


A link to the skill session and a desription of the drlll and how to do it will be posted.


  • A daily word of advice will be posted online for the participants to listen to which may help them through a certain situation during the day or week that they are experiencing.


  • Participants can submit a “Question of the Day” for me to answer in regards to basketball.  Maybe your child needs advice on dribbling, shooting, passing or some skill, maybe your child needs help with mentally approaching a game, maybe they’re having chemistry issues on their team and they don’t know how to handle it, etc…. hopefully, from thirty years of experience I can offer some type of solution.

Complimentary first session of TTG 2024 GREEN PROGRAM:

Thrusday, June 13, 2024: Teaching younger players how to shoot.

Video Link:


  • $100.00 a year subscription or $15.00 month, cancel anytime.
  • TTG 2024 GOLD PROGRAM Members receive this program for free as part of their package.

Discounted Costs:

  • Weekend of July 13-16: $90.00 yearly subscription.

Use the form below to register and pay, or pay using Venmo @Teach-TheGame and / or CashApp $TTGWSS.

TTG 2024 GREEN Program