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Fifty Faces of Teach The Game.

Fifty Faces of Teach The Game

The Fifty Faces of Teach The Game is our new memory banner coming this fall to The Maddawg Center.

The banner will be positioned on the Teach The Game (green) side of The Maddawg Center. 

The banner idea stems from the many, many players who have participated in camps, skills, and the Stealers program for over twenty years which branched off into Teach The Game in 2016-17.  Our program has been teaching the game since its’ inception, however, as many alums have reminded us, they learned about the “game” of life through basketball.    Our alums are excited about the “Fifty Faces” as they have submitted many quotes that have stuck with them over the years that will be used on the banner.  They feel like this part of the program was much more valuable than actually playing the game as it has helped them navigate through daily life.  

The alums are excited about sharing and blending with the current players to create an everlasting memory and to celebrate a lifetime of Teaching The Game.

The banner will have three themes:

Theme one:  

  • Current players and alum pictures around quotes that we use during individual and group skills as well as camps. 
  • Included will be individual action shot pictures of current players and alums performing a basketball skill.   

Theme two: 

  • Individual head shot pictures of current players and alums.

Theme three:

  • Will be for players who are in the 9th grade or above (alums included).   These players will have a picture of them when they played or when they were younger beside a picture of them now, either playing or in the business / school world.

If you would like to be a part of the banner, the information is below. There are approximately fifty player spots available.

To have a picture in Theme 1, the cost is $80.00.

To have a picture in Theme 2, the cost is $50.00.

To have a picture in Theme 2, the cost is $100.00.

When we get our 50 registrants or July 31, 2022 has been reached, we will cut off the registration.

The Fifty Faces of Teach The Game Registrations:

Theme 1 Registrations:

  1. Elle Sutphin

Theme 2 Registrations:

  1. Lauren Bevis

Theme 3 Registrations:

  1. Megan Buckland-Cavera
  2. Kaila Craven
  3. Amanda Cross-Brown
  4. Bailey Kargo
  5. Katheryn Lyons
  6. Nell Pollard-Johnson
  7. Jennifer Penley
  8. Lauren Penley-Killilea
  9. LaShaunda Pratt
  10. Brittany Strachan

The Fifty Faces of Teach The Game

I understand that if my daughter is no longer a part of the Teach The Game, CRC or Winston-Salem Stealers Program(s) her picture will be removed from The Fifty Faces of Teach The Game banner and there will be no refund. By typing "Yes" you agree to this disclaimer.