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Stealers For Life – Contract Details.

“Stealer for Life” Contract Details


  • The contract covers your daughter’s program activities from the time she registers until she graduates from the program. Also included are 292 advice and skills.
  • The Stealers for Life program does not cover family expenses for travel, food, gas, lodging to, at and/or from tournaments or practices.
  • The contract fee is a one-time payment unless otherwise noted by director
  • All organizational / program policies and rules are to be followed.  Failure to. follow the organizational / program policies and rules will be grounds for removal from the “Stealer for Life” program and the overall organization.
    • Failing to follow the program policies and rules which leads to removal from the organization will not allow for a “Stealer For Life” refund.
  • If your daughter decides she does not want to continue with our organization at any point while in the “Stealer for Life” program, the player must not play with another outside club / AAU team or program for a calendar year in order to be considered for a prorated refund.
  • The “Stealer for Life” program would not cover opportunities that are separate from our program; for example:  The USA Regional Skills Program we have held in the past directed by USA Basketball is not a Stealers’ program and would not be covered under the “Stealers for Life” program.
  • The contract would cover participation in individual skills (a maximum of twenty skills / year), spring and fall tournament season registration, basketball academies, basketball camps hosted by the Stealers (such as shooting camps, guard camps or post camps), potential USA Youth Developmental Initiative, group skills and our in-program 3 on 3 league (the USA Basketball National Qualifier does not fall under the “Stealer For Life”).  
  • The “Stealers for Life” refund policy includes filling out a form that states your reasons for not continuing with the program. The form will be reviewed by our Board of Directors.
  • The “Stealers for Life” program does not guarantee any participant a spot on a certain team or level, nor does it guarantee the opportunity to play for a certain coach in the program.
  • The “Stealer for Life” program also does not guarantee any participant a college basketball scholarship.