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2021 Season Information.

Information for the 2021 Season is posted below.

2021 is the 25th Anniversary of The Winston-Salem Stealers.  Coach Robinson founded the program in 1996 and coached nearly all of the teams from the beginning until 2004.  Since 2021 will be the silver anniversary year, Coach R is going to coach in a couple of extra tournaments in the spring.  Information is below.

The format for the 2021 season will be as follows:

Returning Participants – Winston-Salem Stealers Travel Teams 8th-12th Grades:

  • If you registered and paid for the 2020 Season and did not request a refund (refund requests had to be in by June 1, 2020), you are automatically registered for the 2021 Season unless you decide to opt out or not participate with our program.  You will need to fill out the form below if you plan on playing in 2021. Your registration fee for the 2020 travel team will roll over to 2021. There will be an additional cost should you want to be a part of the team that Coach R will coach as that will be something extra and voluntary.
  • The team that your daughter was a part of in 2020 will more than likely change for 2021.  We did not hold tryouts in 2020 and teams were selected based on 2019 Season performance and the 2020 pre-tryout workouts.
  • The plan is to tryout everyone, with the exception of those in the Class of 2021, March 6-8, 2021. Times will be 6:00-7:30 for 7th-9th Grades and 7:30-9:00 for 10th-12th Grades.
  • The 2021 season information is beginning to post below.

2021 Travel Team Registration

Returning Participants – Teach The Game Season:

  • The Teach The Game program runs year-round.  Those who registered to be part of Coach R’s teams can re-register for the 2021 season on November 1st. Use the link: HERE for additional information.

New Participants – Winston-Salem Stealers Travel Teams 8th-12th Grades:

  • Registration is now open for the 2021 travel team season.  The regular cost to participate is $450.00 for a National Travel Team and $300.00 for a Local Travel Team.  Definitions of National and Local are below.
  • There is an early bird discount for the first ten participants to register. That cost for the season (national or local) is $250.00 for our 25th Anniversary. After the first ten have registered and paid, the fee goes to the regular cost.
  • Practices are twice a week and are dependent on the head coach’s work schedule.  Times for practice could be anywhere between the 4:00-9:00 range during the weekdays.  We do try to take into consideration the players that are traveling over an hour one way to practice.

NEW PARTICIPANTS ONLY - WS Stealers 2021 8th-12th Grade Travel Team Registration

  • I, as parent/guardian of the above-named participant by typing "Yes", agree not to hold liable the hosting program, the facility, the staff or volunteers for any injury or illness sustained due to participation in the organization. I understand that basketball is a contact sport and unfortunately injuries and / or illnesses occur.
  • Price: $250.00 Quantity:
    For the first 10 participants to register and pay.

New Participants – Teach The Game 4th-12th Grades:

  • Registration will open on November 1st for the 2021 Season.
  • There are different options for the 4th-8th Grade Program which runs twelve months.  Option 1 is to register for all twelve months and pay in one lump sum. Option 2 is to pay per month for twelve months. Option 3 is to participate seasonily (January – March, April – June, July -September, or October – December).
  • More information is posted HERE

Coach R’s 25th Anniversary Team:

  • The 10th and / or 11th grade team will play at the Deep South Classic Session #2 in Raleigh, NC April 16-18.  Tournament website:
  • The 10th and / or 11th grade team will then play a second tournament in May.
  • The 8th and / or 9th grade team will play at the Deep South Classic Session #3 in Raleigh, NC April 23-25. Tournament website:
  • The 8th and / or 9th grade team will then play second tournament in May.
  • Coach R will make a decision later in 2020 if he will try and coach the Class of 2021 at any point.
  • The 8th-12th Grade cost to practice and then play in two tournaments with Coach R is $150.00 (Deep South Classic registration cost alone is $800.00 / team).
  • There will be a limit of 10 players for his team per age / grade group.
  • To get our teams entered into the Deep South Classic, registration needs to be done soon.  Interest registration only for this team runs until Sunday, October 4th. On Monday, October 5th, registration will then open and an email will be sent out to those who pre-registered.
  • Practices will be determined once we get all of our teams in place for the 2021 Season.

The SILVER Jersey – Limited To The First 30 That Register And Pay (BOLD = Purchased Silver Uniform)

8th-12th Grade Registrations (0 spots left) – With Jersey # REQUEST ONLY beside the name.

  1. Isabella Albany (#10)
  2. Annalee Bell
  3. Emily Brewer (#3)
  4. Charley Chappell (#3)
  5. Tate Chappell (#12)
  6. Trista Charles (#24)
  7. Parker Childress (#42)
  8. Avery Corbin
  9. Katie Deal (#20)
  10. Navaeh Fears
  11. Jackie Futrell (#11)
  12. Grace Galyon (#2)
  13. Marlena Hall (#30)
  14. Trinity Hairston (#23)
  15. Grace Harriman (#20)
  16. Abigail Hoyle
  17. Adelaide Jernigan (#10)
  18. Elliott Jessup (#15)
  19. Caroline Lennon (#20)
  20. Madeline Levy
  21. Peyton Maston (#4)
  22. Campbell McClain
  23. Emma Pendleton
  24. Avery Ray
  25. Isabella Ross
  26. Brianna Shillito
  27. Emily Smith (#2)
  28. Ella Speaks
  29. Emma Staples
  30. Olivia Stone (#14)
  31. Marissa Vernon
  32. Sadie Quinn Wall (#5)

Waiting list:

Peyton Mastin

25th Anniversary Coach R Team


  • National Travel Team: Team will play in and around the southeast in the spring.  Team will play nationally in July. Team will play in and around the southeast in the fall.
  • Local Travel Team: Team plays all of their tournaments in North Carolina, with most of the tournaments being played in the Triad Area.

National Travel Team 2021 Schedule (posted as tournaments are announced):

  • April 9-11 – Deep South Classic Session #1 in Raleigh, NC

Local Travel Team 2021 Schedule:

  • Posted in 2021.