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Teach The Game Seasonal Programs

Teach The Game offers skills, camps and academy team year-round. 

Some TTG participants do not want or need the travel / exposure teams that the Winston-Salem Stealers program offers, including Stealers For Life.  Instead, they would like a program based solely on skill development and camps with a few tournaments (locally and regionally) thrown in. 

TTG offers those participants an annual membership where they will receive:

  • Three individual skills / month (option for more skills is available).
  • Seasonal academy teams (spring, summer and fall).
  • Basketball camps (winter and summer).
  • Summer group skills.

The cost to participate in the TTG seasonal program is: $500.00 / year or $45.00 / month.  

Teach The Game Seasonal Membership

  • Monthly Membership requires a contract to be signed.