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2021 Fall / 2022 Spring Additional Exposure Teams (10th Grade Team and 11th Grade Team)

Coach R will offer one additional exposure team for 10th/11th grades in the fall of 2021 to play in a media sponsored showcase out of town and two additional exposure teams to play in college recruiting events in the spring of 2022.

The current members of the summer 2021 additional exposure team will play in an event during the fall season since Coach R will be traveling during the summer. The fall event will makeup for the missed event this summer. Thus, they do not have to sign up for the fall registration.

The cost to participate is $150.00 for one tournament in the fall or spring or $300.00 if you want to do both.  Maximum of eleven players / team.

Fall 11th (2023) Team 1 – Team is Full.

  1. Charley Chappell
  2. Tate Chappell
  3. Parker Childress
  4. Katie Deal
  5. Grace Harriman
  6. Makeva Hines
  7. Abby Hoyle
  8. Adelaide Jernigan
  9. Hannah Parker
  10. Emma Pendleton
  11. Isabella Ross
  12. Ansleigh Sherrill

Fall 10th/11th (2023/24) Team 2 – 11 Spots are Open.

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Spring 11th (2023) Team 1 – 11 Spots are Open.

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Spring 10th (2024) Team 2 – 11 Spots are Open.

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